Interactive, web-based mapping system
MapSpot is visual technology for the web so your plans can be made interactive
MapSpot is perfect for land developments such as new home and condo site plans, malls, stores, resorts, airports, subways, mining, ships, rigs, plants, piping and more.

When you need MapSpot:

  • need a visual interface that displays various data
  • floating rectangular shapes in HTML won't cut it
  • require curves, lines or match an existing drawing
  • database powered (ie MySQLi)
  • UI needs to be intuitive, responsive and degrade gracefully
  • work in all modern browsers with no Flash or Java dependencies
  • custom interaction and behaviour
  • be in line with brand
  • offer 3d possibilities, including scenery
  • must be able to zoom, pan and interact
  • small file size as little as 60KB
  • work on all devices and screen sizes
  • supported by Windows, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and more
  • be able to be used offline
  • be able to update itself online
  • embed as easily as a YouTube video into other sites
  • need to be layered over traditional navigational maps, such as Google Maps
  • advanced analytics
  • provide multiple layers based on zoom level, including colourful backgrounds
  • many more features like predictive touch and smooth animations
  • be backed by a full service creative development company

Don't need:

  • exact tolerances provided by advanced mapping or CAD software

MapSpot is part of the UNIV-ERSE land development platform. It's time to say hello and let us know what you're thinking. To get the conversation started, email: